The most important aspect of this practice is the doctor, Doctor Cole. His knowledge, expertise, talent, and care of his patients is so far above any expectation. You are always number one in all aspects of your care. He conveys all information clearly and listens to every question and concern you may have. There is no other doctor for me. His staff is experienced, thorough, kind, helpful, and friendly.

- Patricia S.

I have been balding since I was in high school. My wife read up on the PRP therapy that Dr. Cole does at his office. I was completely skeptical and did not think it would work. I went ahead and gave it a try. It actually ended up working and I have a ton of hair regrowth. Dr. Cole is very a caring doctor. He has great therapies and staff.

- Graden

Dr. Cole always identifies the issue and has a solution (therapy) to address it. We've been seeing him for 23-years and have the highest faith in his judgement.

- Jeff J.

Dr. Cole and his staff are wonderful! I've been a patient for over 15 years and would not go anywhere else.

- Anna F.

I have been a patient of Dr. Cole's for years. Nothing but positive things to say about him and staff. Any therapy I have tried has worked! Currently have been doing LDA for my gluten allergy.. I have been able to eat gluten again and not have to worry about cross contamination when going out to eat. I am so thankful for a doctor like Dr. Cole!!!

- Brooke

I would highly recommend Dr. Cole. I have been seeing him for years and he has helped me improve my health tremendously. He has healed me naturally in areas where conventional medicine failed me. Very thorough and cares about his patients.

- Sheila

Thankful have such a wise, caring physician who takes the time to listen and take your symptoms seriously and do the appropriate testing instead of just treating your symptoms. Lyme disease can be very frustrating for the person who has it and others they are in contact with who don't understand it. Dr. Cole and his staff have been exceptionally patient and kind and I'm very grateful for the Ldi and other treatments he is able to administer that I don't think I could find elsewhere.

- Sherry R.

Dr Cole has always been willing to listen to the alternative medication that I want and is willing to work to help make sure it’s a good fit. He has always been great at working with the patient to fulfill their needs to make sure it aligns with their ailments. It’s been a real pleasure working with Dr Cole.

- Laura J.

I have seen Dr Cole for over 25 years. He is a wealth of information and truly cares about his patients. I fairly recently was diagnosed with Lyme Disease and Dr Cole had many options to get my health back on track. I highly recommend Dr Cole and often do to my friends and family.

- Jennifer C

Service was great.

- Tony O.

Dr. Cole got rid of my daughter’s severe food allergies & mine are almost gone by using LDA. He changed our lives.

- Debra A. 

I have been a patient of Dr Cole for about six years and with out him I would not be alive today! I would not have the quality of life I have today. I feel what most people on these reviews seem to forget is this is a holistic office so most treatments are not covered by insurance and that has nothing to do with Dr Cole but the insurance companies. I travel from Michigan to see Dr Cole and will continue too.

- Jamie S.

I’ve been seeing Dr Cole since 2006 and owe him everything! After 2.5 years of all kinds of doctors and even surgery, I was still sick with no relief in sight. I’m so grateful that a client of mine referred me to Dr Cole. In 2 months, I was functioning again, not chronically ill and able to go outside. Then he treated me for Lyme Disease in 2016 and 2017, again giving me my quality of life back. I’ve tried other specialists throughout the years thinking they might be more effective for what was wrong, but each time I made my way back to Dr Cole, only for him to fix my issue completely in one to two visits after the 9 plus months I spent going to the ‘appropriate specialists’! I learned my lesson, I will not see anyone else besides Dr. Cole regardless of the issue, unless he tells me to! Thank you for being so persistent on your education for finding new ways to help our bodies to self-heal!

- Tara K.

Educational, inspirational, and caring place of healing.

- Patricia K.

Helped me with my thyroid and hashimotos when many other doctors had no idea how to help me.

- Cheryl A.

Dr Cole is Awesome and not all about the $$ like these corporate doctors are..... He helped me and my son and I'd probably be dead from nickel poisoning and the rare blood disorder it caused (Polycythemia vera) if it weren't for him.

- Melissa A.